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Heritage buildings are a beautiful part of Australia’s architectural landscape and ensuring they remain in their best condition can at times be difficult, unless you are able to find suitably qualified and skilled tradespeople.

Victoria is extremely fortunate to showcase some of the finest heritage buildings in the country and include a broad variety of residential, commercial, government and former government buildings.  Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat are renowned for their rich contribution to Australia’s landscape of historical buildings.  However it can be difficult at times to find local  craftsmen with relevant skills and top level qualifications when it comes to the repair and restoration of heritage lead work and lead roofs.

Skilled and Qualified Craftsmen in Heritage Lead Work

Guidelines surrounding the preservation and renovation of heritage properties, can seem quite restrictive and limiting at times but when it comes to restoring, repairing or replacing heritage lead work it pays to use only qualified craftsmen with a passion for heritage roof restoration and lead welding.  Heritage guidelines need to be closely adhered to as well as ensuring all repair and restoration jobs are completed with attention and care paid to the overall colour scheme, original material choice and standards required of a historical property.


Lead welding and burning

Over time fatigue cracks can appear in lead roofing and its components, such as flashing, gutters and valleys, or in other lead elements like dormers, bay windows or window canopies.  These cracks, caused by the expansion and contraction of the metal over time, can allow water to leak through and cause further damage to the property.  These cracks will need to be repaired either by welding or burning and in some cases may require more extensive roof restoration.  In either instance a suitably qualified tradesperson qualified in heritage lead work and lead welding should be the first port of call.

Gallery of our Melbourne Lead Welding and Melbourne Lead Casting

Other examples of heritage lead work

Lead is one of the world’s oldest materials with a history dating back thousands of years and has long been known for it’s ability to stand the test of time.  This durability is one reason it has been used so frequently in historical buildings and its use is not limited to roofs but has also been used in or around dormer windows, bay windows, window canopies and as decorative pieces.