Roof maintenance matters no matter what type of roof you have. It’s the main part of your house keeping the weather out and it takes quite a pounding year in year out.

It’s extremely important that you keep and eye on it and ensure you get on to any problems as soon as you notice them.

If you have any roof maintenance questions or concerns you can call Wayne or Denise during business hours. They will be able to evaluate the issue and point you in the right direction. If the point you raise is potentially concerning you can request a free quote.

The following are some general tips on roof maintenance so you can identify issues early and hopefully save yourself costs from water or wind damage.

Roof Maintenance

General roof maintenance checks

In Australia, tile and coated steel roofing is most common. We work with these types of roofs however we’re also specialists in slate roofs which are less common but highly prized.

Some types of roof maintenance are common to all types of roofs and other are specific to the type you have.

Anywhere that there is a penetration of the roof will need more regular checking for weather tightness such as for pipes, fixtures, antennas and flues. Regular roof maintenance for these areas is essential as their seals have the potential to fail faster than other areas of the roof. The same roof maintenance schedule applies to flashing.

Be sure to consider whether it is safe to perform roof maintenance. It’s dangerous in any situation just because of the height however some roofs have a steeper pitch and some days it’s too windy to be up there. Some materials aren’t able to take the full weight of a human adult and other areas can be in accessible. Any roof maintenance is best performed by an experienced professional that is trained in occupational health and safety practices.

Annual Roof Maintenance

  • At least once per year it’s worth having a look at cladding, chimneys, flashing and the area around them.
  • To avoid crushing gutters, place a piece of timber behind where the ladder is contacting
  • Wash areas that don’t get washed by rain to remove deposits that would otherwise encourage damage and erosion
  • Step only on the front edge of the tile on tiled roofs, this is where there is support underneath
  • Washing also gives you a chance to view the overall condition of the roof
  • Remove tree branches that are up against or close to the roof
  • Clear out gutters

Working on your roof

  • Wet roofs can be slippery. Ensure it’s dry
  • Walk along nail lines
  • Where possible try to use an extended brush for eaves and spouting areas that can be accessed from the ground
  • Consider the use of scaffolds

Consider professional roof maintenance

Roof maintenance can be dangerous so be careful. If you think there is a serious problem with your roof or want to have a general check done by a professional please call Wayne during business hours.